CA Coordination Group Meeting

Florence, 1-2 April 2004



INFN. Sezione di Firenze
Via G. Sansone 1
I 50019 Sesto Fiorentino

The venue is inside the campus for the scientific faculties (Polo Scientifico) at Sesto Fiorentino, bulding 1 blue on the Polo's map (the read arrow points to the entrance).
The entrance to the meeting room is in the hall.

Info on how to reach the venue.


Phonoconferencing & co.

Fonoconferencing and H.323 facilities shold be available (at least so I was assured...). However I need to know in advance how many are planning to use them (I have to reserve separate numbers for phono and H.323).


Please send your favourite mac address to (if you don't use the URL, please insert "[Ticket #653]" in the Subject of the mail.


For catering reasons, I need an estimate on the number of participants, so, please, register.

Last update: 27/2/04