╚ un'estensione degli environment tabular e array. Le differenze principali sono: Per maggiori dettagli si rimanda alla documentazione originale: A new implementation of LaTeX's tabular and array environment (array.pdf o
Unchanged options
l Left adjusted column.
c Centered adjusted column.
r Right adjusted column.
p{width} Equivalent to \parbox[t]{width}.
@{decl} Suppresses inter-column space and inserts decl instead.
New options
m{width} Defines a column of width width. Every entry will be centered in proportion to the rest of the line. It is somewhat like \parbox{width}.
b{width} Coincides with \parbox[b]{width}.
>{cmd} Can be used before an l, r, c, p, m or a b option. It inserts cmd directly in front of the entry of the column.
<{cmd} Can be used after an l, r, c, p{...}, m{...} or a b{...} option. It inserts cmd right after the entry of the column.
| Inserts a vertical line. The distance between two columns will be enlarged by the width of the line in contrast to the original definition of LaTeX.
!{cmd} Can be used anywhere and corresponds with the | option. The difference is that cmd is inserted instead of a vertical line, so this option doesn't suppress the normally inserted space between columns in contrast to @{...}.
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