The VIRGO project in Firenze

The purpose of the Virgo interferometer is to detect arrival of gravitational waves on Earth from astronomical sources. This is achieved by measuring the motion of "free" masses caused by the travelling deformation of space-time. The foreseen displacement is so tiny on human scale that it should be compared to measuring hair diameter over the distance from earth to the nearest star.

The apparatus is based on distance measurements performed with interfering light rays travelling in two vacuum enclosures 3 km long.It will be situated in Cascina, near Pisa, in Italy.

Monday 6th May 1996 the works in Cascina started officially.

Collaborating Institutes in Virgo

Virgo is a French-Italian scientific collaboration between laboratories of CNRS (France) and INFN (Italy).

French Institutions Italian Institutions
LAPP Annecy  INFN Firenze 
IPN Lyon  LNF Frascati
LAL Orsay   INFN Napoli 
ESPCI Paris INFN Perugia 
INFN Pisa 
INFN Roma 1 

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Local Virgo staff

In association with the INFN Section of Firenze there is the University of Urbino Physics Institute.

Calamai Giovanni (Fi)
Cecchini Roberto (Fi)
Di Franco Salvatore (Fi)
Dominici Pietro (Ub)
Losurdo Giovanni (Fi)
Martellini Aldemiro (Ub)
Mazzoni Massimo (Fi)
Stanga Ruggero (Fi)
Vetrano Flavio (Ub)

Last modified: 8 May 2000

Roberto Cecchini