Rules for guests

Regulations on seminars and scientific collaborations with foreign guests

Any compensation or reimbursement (be it a seminar or a scientific collaboration) to be paid by the I.N.F.N. requires a PREEMPTIVE authorization from the managing Director and an official letter of invitation providing explicit details on the compensations and reimbursements the participant should receive. Any interested party is therefore invited to adhere to the following procedure:

1) Sending a request via e-mail to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. (with Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. in cc) clearly specifying all the necessary details in order to produce the official letter of invitation (available in txt and doc formats).

2) Once the request will be approved by the Director, both the guest (with the proponent in cc) will receive the official letter of invitation stating the planned compensations and retributions, and the necessary funds will be put on hold.

The proponent of the seminar will be in charge of its announcement.

Scientific collaborations with foreign guests (with the exception of those funded by the Commissione Nazionale Scientifica IV and the guests of the Galileo Galilei Center) are financed by an individual local fund under the resolution CD 12295 30.3.2012 and must be authorized by the managing director.

The institute will be able to pay for compensations falling under the following conditions:

A) Compensations for conferences, seminars and lessons: according to the President's regulations n.17187 8.4.2015.

The amount of the compensations issued to individuals not employeed by or associated to the institute for their teaching functions in conferences, seminars and lessons is stipulated within the comprehensive limit of 1.000,00 EUR. Under the same guidelines, the comprehensive limit for the reimbursement of expenses related to travel, board and lodging is set to 1.000,00 EUR.

B) Compensations for scientific collaborations: according to the resolution CD 12205 30.3.2012. It is possible to budget a daily compensation ranging from 50,00 to 200,00 EUR per day. This reimbursement includes the cost for any overnight stay. Reimbursements for travel expenses are possible within the set limit of 1.000,00 EUR.

According to the Unified Resolution on Income and Taxation DPR917/1986, payments and reimbursements issued to and received by individuals residing both within and outside of the Italian territory are subject to regular taxation measures even if the expenses are underwritten by the Institute itself.

Individuals not residing within the Italian territory who intend to benefit of the Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income should attach a statement of their fiscal residency issued by the competent national authority to their request. It important to note that not all the above treaties are applicable for research institutions such as the INFN.

Still, it is possible not to apply any deductions on expense reimbursements (in case no daily allowances and other forms of compensation are paid) according to the Income revenue authority's Resolution 49/E 11.7.2013.

Foreing guests for scientific collaborations will receive restaurant vouchers for each weekday (CD 12476 26.8.2012)

Last update: 20.9.2017